Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aprils fool

sweet stella

Early mornings I paws at the bed door of mys boy. Shos I did. I wakes him up to opens the door. I paws it lots. He opens it I comes in he shuts it. I waits whiles he goes backs to sleepin's. This done be where its gettin goods now. I paws the door. Want to go outside I says. He says somethings. Who knows whats i don't know whats but its done sounds angry. Hes be wantin' sleeps. He lets me outs the door and shuts it. I waits outsides his bed door. Thens I paws at the door to get in! Now hes is a mad. He opens the doors and done says shoos to me! I's is crafty. I gots him good. Aprils fool yalls. That jokes is on him. Shos it is. Yalls knows it is.

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